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Created by James Robinson and Tony Harris

Opal City.png
Opal City
The Original Universe


Official Name: Opal City
Location: Maryland
Prominent Inhabitants: Starman
First Appearance: Starman Vol. 2 #0 (October 1994): "Sins of the Father, Part One: Falling Star, Rising Son"
Creators: James Robinson and Tony Harris


Settled by Puritan and (later) Huguenot refugees in the 17th century, the area that would become Opal City was originally known as the Port O'Souls, located inward from the east coast of America. While the modern Opal was founded in the mid-19th century, it had its great expansion in 1909–30. Through the years, Opal's architecture was influenced by French, Chinese and Irish immigrants. Around its Victorian core (called "Oldtown" or "the Alleys") now rise spires and deco-streamlined wonder. An odd fact about the city is that it has no suburbs, but is surrounded by mountains, forests, and plains. Outside Opal lies Turk County, a rural area that was once known as Dead Turk County.

Opal has housed several famous citizens. In the 17th century, Jon Valor, the Black Pirate, was hanged for a crime he did not commit and haunted the area for centuries. In 1884, the lawman Brian "Scalphunter" Savage became Opal's sheriff, and shortly later, the immortal Englishman called the Shade made Opal his beloved home. However, Opal is most famous for its Starmen. Since Ted Knight made his debut as Starman (I) in 1939, the city has been the home of several heroes bearing the name, the latest one being Ted's now-retired son Jack. Other Opal heroes have included the Elongated Man, Black Condor (II), Phantom Lady (II), and Codename: Assassin. The O'Dare family has had a tradition of being active in the Opal Police Department since the 1800s.

Strangely, the city seems to face disaster every twenty years, such as the slaughter of the Tuesday Club and the riots of Rag Doll (I). Recently, the villainous Culp and the Mist (I) were responsible for destroying great parts of the city to get their revenge on Starman and the Shade. Opal City was saved through the noble self-sacrifice of Ted Knight, but the reconstruction will take years to finish.


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