Created by Gardner Fox and Gil Kane

The Original Universe


Official Name: The Other Side of the World
Prominent Inhabitants: Warlock of Ys
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol. 2 #42 (January 1966): "The Other Side of the World!"
Creators: Gardner Fox and Gil Kane


The realm called the Other Side of the World was born through a "steady state" flow of matter, as opposed to a Big Bang. Hence, the Other Side has no past or future, but an eternal "now." Its original inhabitant, known as the Warlock of Ys, desired to get access to the realm of Earth. With help from the priestess Senes, he built a portal, the Gate of the Blue Flame, between Earth and the Other Side. However, it only admitted Earth people entry to the Other Side, not the other way. In the centuries that followed, many humans stumbled through this gateway and found eternal life in the timeless dimension.

On Earth, the Gate of the Blue Flame was sited near the city of Ys (Ker-Is Briton), a cursed town where the evil Princess Dahut allegedly took Lucifer himself as her lover. From this town, the Warlock took his name. (Hence, the Warlock himself is not really from Ys) In recent years, the Druid (I) banished his foe Zatara to the Other Side, which ultimately led the Warlock into conflict with Zatanna and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), and still later, with the JLA.