PIG-IRON (Peter Porkchops)BIOGRAPHY
Created by (Peter Porkchops): ? and Otto Feuer (Pig-Iron): Roy Thomas, Scott Shaw, and Gerry Conway

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The New 52! Universe


Real Name: Peter Porkchops
Occupation: Former steelworker, current hero
Homeworld: Earth-26 (planet) (52 Multiverse)
Marital Status: Single
Base of Operation: Follywood, Califurnia (Earth-26)
Group Affiliation(s): The Zoo Crew
Gender: Male
Height: (as Peter): 1'10"
(as Pig-Iron): 5'
Weight: (as Peter): 31 lbs.
(as Pig-Iron): 256 lbs.
Eyes: Black
Hair: (as Peter): Black
(as Pig-Iron): None
First Appearance: (Peter Porkchops): Leading Comics #23 (February-March 1947)
(as Pig-Iron): New Teen Titans #16/2 (February 1982): "This Bunny Unbound!"
Creators: (Peter Porkchops): ? and Otto Feuer (Pig-Iron): Roy Thomas, Scott Shaw, and Gerry Conway


On the otherdimensional "funny animal" world called Earth-C, Peter Porkchops lived an easy life during his young years, his only fear being a bully called "Wolfie" who usually tried to swindle Peter (and, on occasion, even eat him).

Years later, the adult Peter worked at a steel mill in Piggsburg when he was struck by a meteor fragment launched by Starro the Conqueror. The meteor gave Peter super-powers, transforming him into a Swine of Steel, the Porcine Powerhouse called Pig-Iron.

Joining forces with other meteor-struck animals, Pig-Iron became one of the founding members of the super-hero team called the Zoo Crew and distinguished himself in battle against threats such as the Frankenswine Monster.


As Pig-Iron, Peter has incredible strength and a body of near-indestructible steel.


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