Created by Len Strazewski and Grant Miehm

The Original Universe


Real Name: Max
Aliases: The Inflatable Assassin
Gender: Male
Hair: None
First Appearance: Starman Vol. 1 #29 (December 1990): "On the Rebound"
Creators: Len Strazewski and Grant Miehm


Originally an overweight guy named Max, lab assistant of a rogue Professor who was assigned by a criminal organization to create an assassin able to match their archenemy, Starman V. Treating Max with a conductive polymer which rendered his skin abnormally plastic and pliable, the Professor transformed him into "Plasmax - the Inflatable Assassin".

Plasmax' first mission was to assassinate a Dr. Harold Melrose, who had angered the organization. Starman intervened, but found the threat bigger than he had expected. The assassin may look ridiculous - hovering like a huge pink advertising balloon above the streets of Phoenix, Arizona - but Plasmax’ conductive skin was able to absorb Starman's plasma bolts and drain him of energy. Finally, Starman managed to penetrate the skin of Plasmax, who disappeared like a punctured balloon.

Months later, Plasmax resurfaced to "fulfill his program" by killing Starman. This time, the villain was stronger and could not be punctured like the last time. Starman managed to trick Plasmax into expanding to the limit, then entered the monster’s body and made him burst by heating up the air inside him. Plasmax has not been seen since, but the remains of his body were found by a kid and used as a toy. It is unknown if Plasmax is still "alive".


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