Created by Howard Chaykin

Qanda; Art by Howard Chaykin
The Original Universe


Occupation: Green Lantern
Status: Resigned
Homeworld: Rann
Space Sector: 430
Race: Rannian
Group Affiliation(s): Green Lantern Corps
Sector Partner: Unknown
Gender: Female
Eyes: Pale green
Hair: Reddish brown
First Appearance: Guy Gardner: Collateral Damage #1 (2006): [No Title]
Creators: Howard Chaykin


A recruit from the war ravaged planet Rann, Qanda was considered an able cadet in the Green Lantern Corps. She underwent field training with Kilowog, and though new to the power ring was able to defeat a Manhunter unaided. Despite this promise, Qanda had personal difficulties with her commitments. She was torn between two loyalties, one to the Green Lantern Corps, the other to her homeworld. Qanda was assigned to Space Sector 430. It is not known if this was due to a lack of suitable candidates native to Sector 430, any strategic value or Qanda’s overriding desire to serve Rann. Her home sector 2682 was already protected by Vath Sarn of Rann and Isamot Kol of Thanagar.

Qanda wanted to end the hostilities between both her world and Thanagar, and was ready to use the weight of the Corps and the Guardians of the Universe to do so. This, of course, was not behavior the Guardians looked for in their ring wielders and Qanda was placed on detached service. Nevertheless, she continued talks with Major Mazel Dar of Thanagar and veteran Green Lantern G'Nort of G'newt. G'Nort also had a stake in the peace process as his homeworld had been caught in the middle of the battle between the old enemies. Qanda, Mazel Dar, and G'Nort wanted to use a presumably neutral location, that being Warriors, a bar owned and operated by Honor Lantern Guy Gardner of Earth.

Their peace talks were put on hold by a Tormock attack. The Tormocks were ancient enemies of the Vuldarians and Guy Gardner has once been infused with Vuldarian DNA. Due to this lineage, the Tormocks wanted his death. Warriors saw some damage in the assault but the battle was soon brought to the Tormocks.

They caught up with the Tormocks in sector 245, after the Tormocks had defeated a Vuldarian battle hive. For reasons yet to be understood, the weapon residue from battles between the Tormocks and Vuldarians, as well as Thanagar and Rann had brought to life the “very tissue of space itself.. infected with an enraged, homicidally insane awareness.” A neuro-viral subatomic form of life, it created an antimatter antibody which attacked sentient nervous systems. Once the Tormocks had been defeated, Qanda, Major Dar, G'Nort and Garder were caught in the midst of the life form. Only Gardner’s will was strong enough to pull them free.

It soon became clear that the peace talks would not proceed, and Qanda departed, presumably returning to Rann.

Qanda’s current status is unknown, though it is doubtful she will ever return to the Green Lantern Corps.


As a Green Lantern, Qanda possessed a power ring and power battery.


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Outside of Qanda’s position as a Green Lantern and loyalty to her homeworld, there was no evidence she had any position in the Rannian government to negotiate peace with Thanagar.