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The New 52! Universe


Identity: Public
Status: Deceased
Space Sector: 666
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Roixaeume (Sister)
Base of Operation: Empire of Tears
Group Affiliation(s): Five Inversions
Group Affiliation (former): Four Demons
Gender: Female


Qull despised the Guardians of the Universe and took part in a rebellion against their rule, ending up imprisoned by Abin Sur and dying at the hands of Atrocitus.


Qull was an inhabitant of Sector 666 and was banished by the Guardians for using Blood Magick, along with Roixaeume, Dal-Xauix, and Orphram. When the Manhunters began their massacre of Sector 666, they were set free, and came to Ryut. There, they discovered Atros, and they took him in, changing their names from the Four Demons to the Five Inversions. Thus, the Inversions waged a war against the Guardians. Eventually, they established what was called the Empire of Tears, a web of planets occupied by the Inversions. Eons into the war, Qull toyed with the Green Lantern Abin Sur, resulting in the Five Inversions being imprisoned on the planet Ysmault, their rebellion crushed. Atros killed the Five Inversions, killing Qull last.


Qull has the power of Blood Magick.


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