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Robin Vol. 2 124

ROBIN VOL. 2 #124

Cover Date: May 2004
Cover Price: $2.25


Cover Credits:
Art: Jason Pearson

Story: "Good Parenting" (22 Pages)


StoryBill Willingham
PencilsFrancisco Rodriguez De La Fuente
InksAaron Sowd
LetteringNick J. Napolitano
ColorsGuy Major
EditingMichael Wright

Feature Character(s):

Robin III

Guest Star(s):


Supporting Character(s):

Jack Drake (last in issue #122)
Dana Winters (in between issue #122 and #126)
Alfred Pennyworth
Stephanie Brown
Crystal Brown (last in issue #119)


Johnny Warlock
Scarab III (Maat Shadid; first appearance)

Other Character(s):

Coach Hawkins (from Tim's school)


This issue takes place many weeks after the previous issue. Story continues in the next issue.


Blaming himself for Johnny Warren's apparent death, even months after the event, Tim Drake is unsure whether he wants to continue his life as Robin. Meanwhile, Johnny Warlock hires the assassin Scarab to kill Robin, and Tim's dad discovers that his son has been leading a double life he could never have imagined. Stephanie persuades Tim that continuing as Robin is the right thing to do, and Jack Drake pays a visit to Bruce Wayne, demanding that he return his son to him. And just in case Bruce isn't sure that he's serious, he points a gun to his former neighbour's head.