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Robin Vol. 2 130

ROBIN VOL. 2 #130

Cover Date: November 2004
Cover Price: $2.25


Cover Credits:
Art: Dustin Nguyen (signed)

Story: "War Games: Act 2 Part 5. The Only Light in Gotham" (22 Pages)


StoryBill Willingham
PencilsJon Proctor
InksRobert Campanella, Rodney Ramos
LetteringPhil Balsman
ColorsGuy Major
EditingMichael Wright

Feature Character(s):

Robin III (last in Batman: Gotham Knights #57; next in Batman Vol. 1 #632)

Supporting Character(s):

Spoiler (last in Batman: Gotham Knights #57; next in Catwoman Vol. 3 #35)
Oracle (last in Batman: Gotham Knights #57; next in Catwoman Vol. 3 #35)
Jack Drake (last in Nightwing Vol. 2 #96)
Leslie Thompkins (last in Nightwing Vol. 2 #97; next in Batgirl #56)
Dana Winters (in between issues #127 and #134)


Black Mask (fully seen for the first time since his supposed death, last in Batman: Gotham Knights #57)

Other Character(s):



Act Two of War Games continued from Batman: Gotham Knights #57 and continues in Batgirl #56


Spoiler faces the Black Mask, who has just killed Orpheus, the last hope for Gotham City's gang was to end. She is able to hold out against him for a surprisingly long time, but eventually he chokes her into unconsciousness and captures her. Meanwhile, Robin lets his father know that he has been out in costume agai, trying to explain that he had to do something in the present situation - his sense of morality, inherited from his parents, would not let him stand aside. Later, they and Dana volunteer at Leslie's clinic, assisting with triage, the scrounging of supplies, and basic treatments. Eventually, Tim has to leave again to go back into action as Robin. Meanwhile, Black Mask has been torturing Spoiler. She holds out longer than she expects, but eventually she cracks and explains why Orpheus was the key to Batman's plan, a plan that Black Mask intends to turn to his own advantage.