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Robin Vol. 2 142

ROBIN VOL. 2 #142

Cover Date: November 2005
Cover Price: $2.50


Cover Credits:
Pencils: Scott McDaniel (signed)
Inks: Andy Owens (signed)
Colors: Guy Major

Story: "Officer Candidate" (22 Pages)


StoryBill Willingham
PencilsScott McDaniel
InksAndy Owens
LetteringPhil Balsman
ColorsGuy Major
EditingMichael Wright

Feature Character(s):

Robin III

Supporting Character(s):

The Veteran
Johnny Cloud II
Ilsa von Hammer
Tommy Tinker


Hatchling demons


Story continued from the previous issue


Robin accompanies the Veteran and his crew on a mission to one of the former Soviet states in Asia, where they fight hundreds, if not thousands, of newly-hatched demons developed as a terrorist weapon. The fight takes many hours, but they are able to destroy every one of the creatures and also locate and destroy the 'mother' demon. In the midst of the fight, Robin risked his own safety to save Ilsa Von Hammer - the normally icy Lieutenant thaws and kisses him in gratitude, to everyone's surprise. The Veteran repeats his offer for Robin to join them once more, and is seems that the Boy Wonder seriously considers it, although he will have to talk to Batman first.