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Robin Vol. 2 147

ROBIN VOL. 2 #147

Cover Date: April 2006
Cover Price: $2.50


Cover Credits:
Pencils: Scott McDaniel (signed)
Inks: Andy Owens (signed)
Colors: Guy Major

Story: "The Virtual Cell Part Two: Rocket Man" (22 Pages)


StoryBill Willingham, Bill Williams
PencilsScott McDaniel
InksAndy Owens
LetteringPhil Balsman
ColorsGuy Major
EditingMichael Wright

Feature Character(s):

Robin III (next in Infinite Crisis #5)

Guest Star(s):

Teen Titans:
Beast Boy (next in Infinite Crisis #5)
Raven VI (next in Infinite Crisis #5)
Speedy II (next in Infinite Crisis #5)
Superboy (next in Infinite Crisis #5)
Wonder Girl II (next in Teen Titans Vol. 3 #33)

Supporting Character(s):

The Veteran (next in Action Comics #842)


Brainiac monsters
Lex Luthor (last in ???; next in Infinite Crisis #5)


This issue is bannered as an Infinite Crisis crossover. Story continued from the previous issue.


Robin and his team face strange genetic variations on Brainiac as they attempt to secure a cure for Superboy's condition from Lex Luthor's abandoned lab beneath Metropolis. They can save only one vial of the cure, which is kept safe in Speedy's quiver, and Superboy's recover soon begins. Safe in the knowledge that his friend is safe, Robin tries to contact his family in Bl├╝dhaven again, but is unsuccessful. His team-mates promise to accompany him back to the city, but before they leave, Robin contacts Lex Luthor, to tell him that Superboy (Luthor's 'son') is safe, and contacts the Veteran to give him an answer to his proposition.