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Robin Vol. 2 33

ROBIN VOL. 2 #33

Cover Date: September 1996
Cover Price: $1.95


Cover Credits:
Pencils: Mike Wieringo (signed)
Inks: Terry Austin (signed)
Colors: Bob LeRose
Color Separations: Tasty Fried Color

Story: "Legacy Part Seven: Riptide" (22 Pages)


StoryChuck Dixon
PencilsStaz Johnson
InksRob Leigh
LetteringTim Harkins
ColorsAdrienne Roy
Associate editingJordan B. Gorfnkel
EditingDennis O'Neil

Feature Character(s):

Robin III (in between Detective Comics #701 and #702)

Guest Star(s):

Nightwing II (last in Detective Comics #701; next in Batman: Shadow of the Bat #55)
Batman (in between Detective Comics #701 and #702)
Huntress II (last in Detective Comics #701)

Supporting Character(s):

Oracle (last in Detective Comics #701; next in Batman Vol. 1 #535)
Harvey Bullock (last in Batman Vol. 1 #533; next in Detective Comics #702)
Renée Montoya (in between Detective Comics #699 and #702)


Bane (last in Detective Comics #701; next in Batman: Bane)
Ra's al Ghul (last in Detective Comics #701)
Talia (last in Detective Comics #701)


Part Seven, the conclusion of the Legacy crossover, continues from Detective Comics #701.
There is a Legacy epilogue in Detective Comics #702 and the thread of the deceased mobsters is followed up in Nightwing Vol. 2 #1.


Robin, Nightwing and Huntress board Ra's al Ghul's ship, the Shrike. Huntress and Nightwing keep Ra's, Talia and their followers occupied, while Robin establishes a connection from al Ghul's computer to Oracle, so that she can access the data which will allow a cure for the Clench to be found. With the help of major mainframes across the country, she is able to find the information she needs, and the heroes escape the ship shortly before it explodes. Later, the bodies of numerous mobsters drift in on the tide, carried there from Blüdhaven.