Unofficial Rogues (Villains) Index

Rogues (Villains) 1


Cover Date: February 1998
Cover Price: $1.95


Cover Credits:
Art: Jason Pearson
Colors: Jason Pearson

Story: "Men & Gods" (22 Pages)


StoryBrian Augustyn
PencilsRon Wagner
InksBill Reinhold
LetteringBob Lappan
ColorsNoelle Giddings
EditingPaul Kupperberg

Feature Character(s):

Captain Cold (last in Flash Vol. 2 #134; next in JLA #18)
Captain Boomerang (in between Flash Vol. 2 #134 and #138)
Heat Wave (last in Flash Vol. 2 #135; next in Superboy Vol. 3 #65)
Mirror Master III (last in JLA #15; next in Flash Vol. 2 #140)
Weather Wizard (in between Flash Vol. 2 #129 and #139)

Guest Star(s):

Trickster (last in Flash Vol. 2 #127; next in Impulse #39)
Pied Piper (last in Flash Annual Vol. 2 #10/2; next in Flash Vol. 2 #140)


Neron (briefly disguised as "Ahrnyu, Sovereign of the Dark Realm"; last in Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #124; next in JLA: Paradise Lost #1)
Warlord Khurda of Banjipur (first appearance; would-be conqueror of Zhutan; dies)
Warlord Khurda's forces (first appearance)
Lawrence (first appearance; nephew of Warlord Khurda)

Other Character(s):

Mindy Hong (first appearance; mother of Billy Hong)
Billy Hong (first appearance; an eleven year old boy, believed to be the "Majee," a spiritual figure to the people of Zhutan; also revealed as the Trickster's son)
Mahkalli (first appearance; angel of Meshta)
Saravistran Monks (first appearance; followers of the god Meshta)


Zhutan (first appearance; a tiny mountain kingdom in Asia)