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Created by Dan Jurgens and George Pérez

The Original Universe


Occupation: Mercenary
Status: Deceased
Group Affiliation(s): Dark Nemesis
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
First Appearance: Teen Titans Vol. 2 #7 (April 1997): "Dark Nemesis, Part 1"
Creators: Dan Jurgens and George Pérez


The third Scorcher was a heat-powered female member of Dark Nemesis, a group of meta-human mercenaries who took on a contract from the Veil to battle the Teen Titans. Scorcher was killed by her own teammate Axis, who sacrificed her friend just to discredit Risk of the Teen Titans, putting the blame for the killing on him. She has since been replaced by yet another Scorcher, who has (ineffectualy) only accompanied Dark Nemesis on one occasion.


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