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Created by Steve Ditko

The Original Universe


Real Name: Rac Shade
Occupation: Metan mind agent
Homeworld: Meta
Base of Operation: Meta; Earth
Group Affiliation(s): Formerly Suicide Squad
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 147 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
First Appearance: Shade, the Changing Man #1 (June-July 1977)
Creators: Steve Ditko


Rac Shade was a security agent in the other-dimensional world of Meta, framed for a crime he never committed. He fled to Earth and escaped the Meta authorities, including a Doctor Z.Z., for years. He was eventually stranded in the so-called "Zero Zone" where he was found by the Suicide Squad (II). He joined the Squad for a few missions, and in exchange got their help in bringing him home to Meta. Some time after Shade's journey back to his homeworld, an entirely different version of him appeared on Earth. (See Shade the Changing Man II.) Since then, the first Shade has apparently returned to Earth, and was recently seen fighting the JSA while mind-controlled by the Ultra-Humanite. Shade's main weapon is his M-vest, which causes people to see him as distorted and gruesome images reflecting their own fears.


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