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 Unofficial Sideways Index

Sideways 9


Cover Date: December 2018
Cover Price: $2.99
Publication Date: 2018-10-17


Cover Credits:
Art: Kenneth Rocafort (signed)

Story: "The Cocoon" (20 Pages)


PlotDan DiDio, Max Raynor
StoryDan DiDio
ArtMax Raynor
LetteringTravis Lanham
ColorsDan Brown
Assistant editingDave Wielgosz
EditingKatie Kubert
Group editingJamie S. Rich

Feature Character(s):

Sideways (next in Sideways Annual #1)

Guest Star(s):

Superman (last in ???)
Lois Lane (last in ???)

Supporting Character(s):

Helen James (last in issue #7; deceased; in a coffin)
David James (last in issue #7)
Ernie Edgars
Emeline Edgars (in between issues #6 and #11)


Leto Dominus (last in issue #4)
Perrus the Benevolent

Guest Appearance(s):

Superman (next in Sideways Annual #1)

Other Character(s):

Detective Tim Hopkins (last in issue #7; next in flashback in issue #11)
The Unseen
Dear Lois (next in Sideways Annual #1)
Kentclark (next in Sideways Annual #1)
Lori (next in Sideways Annual #1)
Olsen (next in Sideways Annual #1)
Rant (next in Sideways Annual #1)
Spiner (next in Sideways Annual #1)
The Giver (next in issue #13)


Gotham City
Madison Funeral Home
Dark Multiverse


Story continues from the previous issue and continues in Sideways Annual #1.


Everything’s going sideways for Sideways in the pages of Sideways—and that means trouble for our titular hero. Trapped in the Dark Multiverse with no escape, Derek James comes face to face with this world's ruler, Perrus. A so-called benevolent dictator, Perrus rules his world with an iron fist and forces its citizens into slavery, so Sideways decides it’s time for a revolt. The revolution proves unsuccessful, but it leads Sideways to a “super” discovery that could save this world and himself.