Created by Mike Grell

The Original Universe


Official Name: Skartaris
Environment: Earthlike
Dominant Lifeform: Humans
Prominent Inhabitants: Warlord, Tara, Machiste, Shakira
First Appearance: 1st Issue Special #8 (November 1975)
(as Wizard World): Warlord Vol. 1 #28 (December 1979)
Creators: Mike Grell


Formerly believed to be a world inside Earth's core, the world of Skartaris is actually located in an extradimensional realm, accessible from certain points of Earth. The Dimension of Skartaris is vast and formed by swordfighting and sorcery. Time unfolds differently here than on Earth and dinosaurs still walk the land. Eons ago, Skartaris was inhabited by trolls, elves and dwarves and was called the Wizard World. In modern times, Earthman Travis Morgan has


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