The Original Universe


Official Name: The Speed Force


The Speed Force is not really a force, but an energy field, sometimes described as a place, sometimes as sentient, from which all meta-human speedsters draw their power. One of the first known speedsters, Max Mercury, was also the first to realize the existence of such a force.

By achieving light speed, several people - including Barry Allen, Johnny Quick, Savitar, Inertia and Rival - have merged with the Speed Force, and thereby ceased to live. Wally West and Jay Garrick are two of the few known to return from such an experience.

The current Flash costume is made up entirely from Speed Force "stuff".

The Speed Force was/is the power source for the Flashes, Johnny Quick (I) and his daughter Jesse, Max Mercury, Impulse, Professor Zoom, Savitar, Inertia, the Blue Trinity, the Kapitalist Kouriers, the Tornado Twins, XS, Cobalt Blue, Rival, and many others. It has no known connection with Superman, the Marvel Family, M'Onel, Impala, or Zum of the Hyperclan.