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 STEEL (John Henry Irons)BIOGRAPHY
Created by Louise Simonson; Jon Bogdanove

The New 52! Universe


Real Name: John Henry Irons
Occupation: Scientist
Status: Active
Homeworld: Earth
Citizenship: American
Known Relatives: Clay Irons (brother); Blondell Irons (sister-in-law); Natasha Irons (niece); Bess (grandmother)
Base of Operation: Metropolis
Gender: Male
Hair: Black (head shaved bald)
First Appearance: (as Dr. John Henry Irons) Action Comics Vol. 2 #2 (December 2011); (as Steel) Action Comics Vol. 2 #4 (February 2012)
First Appearance (historical): The Adventures of Superman #500 (June 1993)
Creators: Louise Simonson; Jon Bogdanove


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