Created by ? and Al Plastino

The Original Universe


Real Name: Craig King
Occupation: telenews reporter
Marital Status: Single
Base of Operation: Metropolis of 2956
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
First Appearance: Action Comics #215 (April 1956): "The Superman of Tomorrow"
Creators: ? and Al Plastino


Craig King was a telenews reporter for the Daily Solar System in the year 2956. A string of mysterious thefts led a quartet of the leading scientists of the time to select King to become the Superman of their era. Lacking super powers, King would rely on the scientists to help him fulfill his role as Superman. Similar to his namesake, the Superman of 2956 also had to contend with a fellow reporter in the name of Lyra Lee who was out to uncover his dual identity.
Despite the technology and King's drive, he fell short of the tasks ahead of him and sought help from the past. Using a "mind-to-mind transmitter" King was able to contact the original Superman for assistance.
The 20th century Man of Steel substituted for King when the Superman of 2956 was injured. He discovered the plans of the criminals of that era and working together both Supermen were able to foil the designs of Vinson Vale, one of the very scientists that had helped create the future Superman. Though Lyra Lee had confirmed King's identity as Superman, as the criminals were defeated and his mission was complete, King retired as the Superman of 2956.


As the Superman of 2956, Craig King derived his "powers" from technological means. Hidden jet units enabled flight while a concealed "degravator" device acted as an anti-gravity field reducing the weight of objects, simulating super-strength. A costume of armorlike fabric granted the appearance of invulnerability.


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