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Created by Dan Jurgens

The Original Universe


Status: Defunct
Former Members:  Atom IIArgentJotoPrysmRisk,
First Appearance: Teen Titans Vol. 2 #1 (October 1996)
Creators: Dan Jurgens


Member First Appearance Joined Status Note
Atom II Showcase #34      
Argent Teen Titans Vol. 2 #1      
Joto Teen Titans Vol. 2 #1      
Prysm Teen Titans Vol. 2 #1      
Risk Teen Titans Vol. 2 #1      


The members of the second Teen Titans shared a common heritage – they were the product of experiments by the alien race [H'san Natall]]. The initial members: Argent, Joto, Prysm and Risk were soon joined by the Atom, who would lead the team, by another product of the same experimenters, Fringe, and by Captain Marvel Jr. and Omen. They did not last for very long, as their common heritage did nothing to bring them together as friends or comrades, though they did gradually learn how to be true heroes. The most promising of their number, Argent, became a member of the newest group of Titans, nominated because of the potential she had demonstrated.


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