Created by John Wentworth and Stan Aschmeier

The Original Universe


Real Name: Yz
Homeworld: Zrfff
Hair: None
First Appearance: Flash Comics #1/4 (January 1940)
Creators: John Wentworth and Stan Aschmeier


Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt is a pink magic genie who can do about anything if it has a human guide to steer it. In 1940, the young Johnny Thunder became its master by saying the magic words "Cei-U" (or "say you" - which is "Yz" backwards) and they had many wonderful adventures together during the 1940s.

Originally the Thunderbolt was believed to come from the Asian land of Badhnesia, but was recently revealed to be an djinn from the 5th Dimension.

In recent years, Johnny Thunder has suffered from Alzheimer's, and other potential heroes have become the Thunderbolt's master, first Johnny's ward Kiku, and later the reluctant hero Jakeem "J.J." Thunder, who currently works with the JSA. (The Thunderbolt also seems to have transferred some powers to Johnny Thunder's biological son, William Twotrees a.k.a. Will Power.) Currently, Yz resides in a magic pen and is called into action when Jakeem clicks it and says the words "so cool".

For a while, the Thunderbolt was merged with his archenemy, the blue djinn known as Lkz, into a purple Thunderbolt. Now it seems like the pink Yz is on his own again, or if not, at least he is the dominant part. He also temporarily merged with Johnny Thunder, but is once again a distinct individual.


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