Created by Bob Haney (concept), Devin Grayson (this team)

The Original Universe


Former Members:
First Appearance: Titans #1 (March 1999)
Creators: Bob Haney (concept), Devin Grayson (this team)


This group of Titans was formed when the founders of the original Teen Titans - Nightwing, Flash, Troia, Arsenal and Tempest - decided to band together, each nominating an additional member of the group, with the intention of training up a new generation of heroes who don't have the advantage of the mentors they have. These new members were Argent, Cyborg, Damage, Jesse Quick and Starfire. However, after a cataclysmic encounter with the villain group Tartarus the membership shrank down to Nightwing, Troia, Arsenal, Tempest, Argent and Jesse Quick, and, although these six have their differences, they are fusing together as the family unit the Titans have always been.


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