Created by Gardner Fox and Gil Kane

The Original Universe


Former Members:  Walt TriggerWayne Trigger,
Occupation: Crime fighters
Base of Operation: Rocky City, late 19th Century
First Appearance: All Star Western #58 (April-May 1951)
Creators: Gardner Fox and Gil Kane


Member First Appearance Joined Status Note
Walt Trigger All Star Western #58 All Star Western #58 Active (19th Century Southwest)  
Wayne Trigger All Star Western #58 All Star Western #58 Active (19th Century Southwest)  


Walt and Wayne Trigger were the legendary red-haired twin brothers and protectors of Rocky City during the late 19th century. Walt was known as the brash and courageous brother, and was the elected sheriff of the town. Wayne was the mellow one, working as a store merchant. What the people of Rocky City didn't know, however, was that this was mostly an act, and that whenever Walt encountered a problem to hard for him to handle himself, Wayne would don the sheriff's star and six-shooter, and they would both be sheriffs, able to thwart crimes in two places simultaneously. Their double identity was kept a secret throughout their entire career, but the legend of the Trigger Twins lives on in our time.

One of the brothers is presumably an ancestor of the modern Trigger Twins.


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