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Created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane

The Original Universe


Real Name: Harvey Dent
Aliases: Apollo (nickname)
Occupation: Former District Attorney, now professional criminal
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Relatives: Gilda Gold Dent Stevens (ex-wife); unnamed father; unnamed mother (deceased); Murray (brother; deceased)
Base of Operation: Gotham City
Gender: Male
Height: 6'
Weight: 182 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
First Appearance: Detective Comics #66 (August 1942): "The Man Who Led a Double Life"
Creators: Bill Finger and Bob Kane


District attorney Harvey Dent was greatly admired for his dedication to justice above petty concerns of status or money, but his life was shattered when a criminal threw a vial of acid at him during a trial, permanently disfiguring half of his face. This unhinged him mentally and he became the criminal Two-Face, often opposed by his former friends James Gordon and Batman. He became obsessed with duality and the number two, and almost always flips a coin - one side of which is clean, the other scarred - when he has a moral decision to make, always going with the coin's choice. These mental oddities have made him one of the most predictable and yet most dangerous foes Batman has to face.

When Gotham City was a No Man's Land for a year, Two-Face struck up a friendship of sorts with Renée Montoya, with whom he is now obsessed. Though she is in little danger, as he is currently incarcerated at Arkham Asylum.


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