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Created by Gardner Fox; Mike Sekowsky

Ultraman (Clark Kent) (Earth 3 - New 52 Multiverse).png
Ultraman (Clark Kent) (Earth 3 - New 52 Multiverse)
The New 52! Universe


Real Name: Clark Kent / Kal-Il
Status: Deceased
Homeworld: Krypton (Earth-3 Universe)
Known Relatives: Jor-Il (father, deceased); Lara (mother, deceased); Jonny Kent (adoptive father, deceased); Martha Kent (adoptive mother, deceased)
Group Affiliation (current): Crime Syndicate
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
First Appearance: Justice League Vol. 2 #23 (October 2013)
First Appearance (historical): Justice League of America Vol. 1 #29 (August 1964)
Creators: Gardner Fox; Mike Sekowsky


When Darkseid destroyed Krypton 3 of the Multiverse, Jor-Il and Lara fought and killed other Kryptonians to secure an escape pod for their son Kal-Il. Kal-Il was sent to Earth 3 being fed instructions to be the strongest there is and to root out and destroy weakness of any kind. Crash landing in Smallville he was found by the Kents whom he decided would be his new parents and he took the name Clark Kent. When they tried to escape their farm 7 years later Kal-Il murdered them, as he would others who opposed him in the years that followed.
Clark Kent would later take the identity Ultraman and would go on to practically rule the Earth along with the rest of the members of the Crime Syndicate. When Darkseid came and devastated Earth 3 as well, Ultraman and the Crime Syndicate traveled to Earth 0.


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