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Vigilante (Greg Sanders)
The Original Universe


Vigilante first appeared in Action Comics #42 (November 1941).

Below is the definitive list of appearances of Vigilante in chronological order. Flashback sequences or story entries will be followed by a [Flashback] note. Stories that for some reason are no longer part of current continuity will have a comment saying this in a note following the entry.

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Vigilante Chronology

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Action Comics #42/2 (November 1941): [The Origin of the Vigilante]
Action Comics #43/2 (December 1941): [Billy Gunn's Mine]
Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #2 (February 2006): "Who Killed Seven Soldiers?" [Flashback]
Action Comics #44/2 (January 1942): "Galloping Gold"
Leading Comics #1 (winter 1941): "Blueprint for Crime"
Action Comics #45/2 (February 1942): "The Case of the Bamboo Death"
Action Comics #46/2 (March 1942): "Crimes in Color"
Action Comics #47/2 (April 1942): [The Green Cowled Menace]
Leading Comics #2 (spring 1942): "Beware! The Black Star Shines"
Action Comics #48/2 (May 1942): "Crime's Caravan"
Action Comics #49/2 (June 1942): "The Rainbow Man"
Action Comics #50/2 (July 1942): "The Man Who Came Back"
Leading Comics #3 (summer 1942): "The Tyrants of Time" [concurrent with flashback in All-Star Squadron #29
Action Comics #51/2 (August 1942): "Guns, Gold and Glory"
All-Star Squadron #31 (March 1984): "Uncle Sam Wants You"
All-Star Squadron #32 (April 1984): "Crisis on Earth-X: The Prequel!" [Behind the Scenes]
Action Comics #52/2 (September 1942): "Sing a Song of Six Guns"
Action Comics #53/2 (October 1942): "The Blackout Blues"
Leading Comics #4 (fall 1942): "The Sense Master" [concurrent with [[All-Star Squadron 56|All-Star Squadron #56
All-Star Squadron #59 (July 1986): "Out of the Ashes... Mekanique"
All-Star Squadron #60 (August 1986): "The End of the Beginning!"
Young All-Stars #3 (August 1987): "A Call to Arms"
Young All-Stars #9 (February 1988): "You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Souls"
Young All-Stars Annual #1 (1988): "The Mekanique Paradox"
Action Comics #54/2 (November 1942): "The Rookie Who Fought a Ghost"
Action Comics #55/2 (December 1942): "Bullets for Breakfast"
Action Comics #56/2 (January 1943): "Melody of Menace"
Young All-Stars #25 (May 1989): "Atom and Evil Part V: Armageddon '42" [Behind the Scenes]
Leading Comics #5 (winter 1942): "The Miracles That Money Couldn't Buy"
Young All-Stars #27 (July 1989): "Meanwhile..." [Flashback to events taking place during Leading Comics #5]
Action Comics #57/2 (February 1943): "The Feud of Rimfire Ridge"
Action Comics #58/2 (March 1943): "The Dummy and the Dumbbell"
Action Comics #59/2 (April 1943): "Fiddler's Fee"
DC Universe: Legacies #2/2 (August 2010): "Snapshot: Reaction!"
Leading Comics #6 (spring 1943): "The Treasure That Time Forgot"
Action Comics #60/2 (May 1943): "Rainbow Over Crimeville"
Action Comics #61/2 (June 1943): "The Cat and the Fiddler"
Action Comics #62/2 (July 1943): "The Crime Carnival"
Leading Comics #7 (summer 1943): "Wizard of Wisstark"
Action Comics #63/2 (August 1943): "Dummy, Dummy & Dummy, Inc."
Action Comics #64/2 (September 1943): "The Treasure of Dead Man's Key"
Action Comics #65/2 (October 1943): "The Bard of Banditry"
Leading Comics #8 (fall 1943): "Exiles in Time"
Action Comics #66/2 (November 1943): "The Sword of Destiny"
Action Comics #67/2 (December 1943): "The Academy of Musical Crime"
Action Comics #68/2 (January 1944): "The Duke Goes to the Dogs"
Leading Comics #9 (winter 1943): "The Chameleon of Crime"
Action Comics #69/2 (February 1944): "The Little Men Who Were There"
Action Comics #70/2 (March 1944): "A Challenge from the Pyramids"
Action Comics #71/2 (April 1944): "Alias Mr. Sunshine"
Leading Comics #10 (spring 1944): "King of the Hundred Isles"
Action Comics #72/2 (May 1944): "The Guns of Killer Haines"
Action Comics #73/2 (June 1944): "Dirge on a Bull Fiddle"
Action Comics #74/2 (July 1944): "Wheels of Jeopardy"
Leading Comics #11 (summer 1944): "The Hard-Luck Hat"
Action Comics #75/3 (August 1944): "Blunderbuss Booty"
Action Comics #76/3 (September 1944): "The Mountain Without a Top"
Action Comics #77/3 (October 1944): "The Rainbow Man Sees Red"
Leading Comics #12 (fall 1944): "Million Dollar Challenge"
Action Comics #78/3 (November 1944): "Portraits for Plunder"
Action Comics #79/3 (December 1944): "Birds of Ill Omen"
Action Comics #80/3 (January 1945): "The Pillage of the Parthenon"
Leading Comics #13 (winter 1944): "Trophies of Crime"
Action Comics #81/4 (February 1945): "The Chinatown Kid, Magician"
Action Comics #82/4 (March 1945): "Magnet for Mobsters"
Action Comics #83/4 (April 1945): "A Fortune for a Fossil"
Leading Comics #14 (spring 1945): "The Bandits from the Books"
Action Comics #84/4 (May 1945): "Tree's a Crowd"
Action Comics #85/2 (June 1945): "Old Wyoming"
Action Comics #86/3 (July 1945): "Orient of the Occident"
Adventure Comics #438/2 (March-April 1975): "Land of Magic! Chapter One"
Adventure Comics #442/2 (November-December 1975): "Gnome Man's Land Chapter Six"
Adventure Comics #443/2 (January-February 1976): "Confrontation"
Action Comics #87/3 (August 1945): "The Dummy Art Expert"
Action Comics #88/4 (September 1945): "Of Cops and Robbers"
Action Comics #89/4 (October 1945): "The Cruise of the Ichabod Q"
Action Comics #90/4 (November 1945): "Picayune Pilferers"
Action Comics #91/4 (December 1945): "The Fiddler's Jam Session"
Action Comics #92/3 (January 1946): "The Amazing Mr. Minute"
Action Comics #93/3 (February 1946): "'Way Down East"
Action Comics #94/3 (March 1946): "The Escapes of Elephant Al"
Action Comics #95/3 (April 1946): "The Burgling Bookman"
Action Comics #96/3 (May 1946): "Dancer's Midgets"
Action Comics #97/3 (June 1946): "The Animal Master"
Vigilante: City Lights, Prairie Justice #1 (November 1995): "City Lights, Prairie Justice Part 1"
Vigilante: City Lights, Prairie Justice #2 (December 1995): "City Lights, Prairie Justice Part 2"
Vigilante: City Lights, Prairie Justice #3 (January 1996): "City Lights, Prairie Justice Part 3"
Vigilante: City Lights, Prairie Justice #4 (February 1996): "City Lights, Prairie Justice Part 4"
Action Comics #98/5 (July 1946): "Treasure of the Ancients"
Action Comics #99/5 (August 1946): "The Tiger's Skin"
Action Comics #100/4 (September 1946): "The Book That Was Too Real"
Action Comics #101/4 (October 1946): "When East Goes West"
Action Comics #102/4 (November 1946): "Swan Song for Outlaws"
Action Comics #103/5 (December 1946): "The Rainbow Man's Return"
Action Comics #104/4 (January 1947): "Marshal Vigilante"
Action Comics #105/5 (February 1947): "Truth Comes to Gila Gap"
Action Comics #106/5 (March 1947): "Penthouse Pirates"
Action Comics #107/5 (April 1947): "Ride Him, Vigilante"
Action Comics #108/5 (May 1947): "The Town That Roared Again"
Action Comics #109/5 (June 1947): "Pop Gunn Rides Again"
Action Comics #110/5 (July 1947): "The Girl Sheriff of Benton City"
Action Comics #111/5 (August 1947): "Pop Gunn Shoots the Works"
Action Comics #112/5 (September 1947): "The Vigilante's Double"
Action Comics #113/5 (October 1947): "Gold Rush - 1947"
Action Comics #114/5 (November 1947): "Wheels of Danger"
Action Comics #115/5 (December 1947): "The Man Who Stole the Rainbow"
Action Comics #116/5 (January 1948): "The Boy Who Wasn't Big Enough"
Western Comics #1 (January-February 1948): "Jesse James Rides Again"
Action Comics #117/5 (February 1948): "A Lesson for the Teacher"
Action Comics #118/5 (March 1948): "The Blue-Ribbon Bandits"
Western Comics #2 (March-April 1948): "The Cowboy and the Killers"
Action Comics #119/5 (April 1948): "The Birthday That Backfired"
Action Comics #120/5 (May 1948): "The Horse Nobody Could Ride"
Western Comics #3 (May-June 1948): "The Two-Faced Bandit of Mesa Town"
Action Comics #121/4 (June 1948): "The Man of 1,000 Brands"
Action Comics #122/4 (July 1948): "Curtain Time for the Mystery Crimes"
Western Comics #4 (July-August 1948): "The Four Notches of Hate"
Action Comics #123/5 (August 1948): "The Color Wheel of Crime"
Action Comics #124/4 (September 1948): "The Lonesome Kangaroo"
Action Comics #125/4 (October 1948): "The Reluctant Annie Oakley"
Action Comics #126/4 (November 1948): "The Secret of the Desert Bandit"
Action Comics #127/5 (December 1948): "El Boleadoro"
Action Comics #128/5 (January 1949): "The Cowboy from Broadway"
Action Comics #129/5 (February 1949): "The Desperadoes of Doom"
Action Comics #130/5 (March 1949): "The Singing Bandit of Black Hills"
Action Comics #131/5 (April 1949): "The Pampas Troubadour"
Action Comics #132/5 (May 1949): "The Incredible Talents of Bronco Lou Hastings"
Action Comics #133/4 (June 1949): "The Gold Rush Comes to Gotham City"
Action Comics #134/4 (July 1949): "The Four Horsemen of Villainy"
Action Comics #135/4 (August 1949): "The Rainbow Man Goes West"
Action Comics #136/5 (September 1949): "The Spur, the Handcuffs and the Branding Iron"
Action Comics #137/4 (October 1949): "The Headless Horseman Rides Again"
Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #9 (April 2000): "The Final Hour for the 7 Soldiers of Victory" [Flashback]
Justice League of America #100 (August 1972): "The Unknown Soldier of Victory" [Flashback]
Guy Gardner: Warrior #24 (September 1994): "Killing Time!"
Justice League of America #102 (October 1972): "And One of Us Must Die"
Infinity, Inc. #11 (February 1985): "Aftermath and Prologue" [Flashback]
Crisis on Infinite Earths #12 (March 1986): "Final Crisis"
El Diablo #12 (August 1990): "The Last Roundup"
Impulse Annual #2 (1997): "Showdown"
JSA #49 (August 2003): "Princes of Darkness Part 4: Army of Darkness"
JSA #50 (September 2003): "Princes of Darkness Part 5: The Last Light"
JSA #51 (October 2003): "Princes of Darkness Coda: Justice Eternity"
Seven Soldiers #0 (April 2005): "Weird Adventures"
Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #2 (February 2006): "Who Killed Seven Soldiers?" [Flashback]
Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #3 (April 2006): "21st Century Schizoid Supermen"
Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen Special #1 (December 2008): "From a Cub to a Wolf"