Created by Bill Willingham and Rick Mays

The Original Universe


Real Name: Darla Aquista
Aliases: Laura Fell
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Henry Aquista (father)
Base of Operation: Gotham City
Group Affiliation(s): Shadowpact
Gender: Female
Hair: Black
First Appearance: Robin Vol. 2 #121 (February 2004): "Johnny Got His Gun"
(as Warlock's Daughter): Robin Vol. 2 #137 (June 2005): "A Gift From a Friend"
Creators: Bill Willingham and Rick Mays


The daughter of Gotham mafia boss Henry Aquista, Darla Aquista did not approve of his criminal activities. She befriended Tim Drake at her High School and developed a romantic attraction for him. However, she was gunned down at the school during a citywide gang war, with Tim and others unable to prevent her death.

Following her death, her father toured the globe searching for a way to revive her, eventually seeking out Johnny Warlock and telling him that he'd be prepared to die to bring Darla back. Warlock took him at his word, and Darla was reborn as the Warlock's daughter, in possession of formidable mystical powers. She has a burning hatred for Robin and a great love for Tim Drake, but is unaware they are the same person. She is capable of great evil, but seems reluctant to follow this path.


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