Unofficial Wonder Woman Annual Vol. 2 Index

Wonder Woman Annual Vol. 2 8


Cover Date: September 1999
Cover Price: $2.95


Cover Credits:
Art: Arthur Adams (signed)

Story: "The Thin Gold Line" (38 Pages)


StoryDoselle Young
PencilsBrian Denham
InksJon Sibal
LetteringClem Robins
ColorsPatricia Mulvihill
EditingMaureen McTigue

Feature Character(s):

Wonder Woman (last in JLA Annual #3; next in Martian Manhunter Annual Vol. 2 #2)

Guest Star(s):

Wonder Girl II (last in ???; next in Superman Annual Vol. 2 #11)

Supporting Character(s):

Artemis (last/next in ???)
Queen Hippolyta (last/next in ???)
Shim'Tar (first appearance; next in Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #168)
Nu'bia (first post-Crisis appearance; next in Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #154)


Abu-Gita (last in JLA Annual #3; next in Superman Annual Vol. 2 #11)
Abu-Gita's bull gorillas (Tuggo named; dies)

Other Character(s):

Charon (last in Aquaman Vol. 5 #46; next in Harley Quinn #21)
Neil (first appearance; a passenger of Charon's)
Lukk-Nutt (first appearance; a gorilla; defects from Abu-Gita's service)
Jimenez (a fighter pilot; first appearance; dies)
Crew of the aircraft carrier USS Jessica West (presumably die)


Part 4 of "JLApe" 8 part crossover.
Story continued from Aquaman Annual Vol. 5 #5 and continued in Flash Annual Vol. 2 #12.


Abu-Gita leads an assault on Paradise Island to breach the Tartarus Gate. Her assistant, Lukk-Nutt, has misgivings about the imperialistic stance of Gorilla City. Once through the gate, they force Charon to lead them down the River Styx and ultimately to the Rakshasas, believed by Abu-Gita to be their gods. They meet resistance from the Amazons, but they are unstoppable as their technology inexplicably works on Paradise Island.
Wonder Woman, Artemis, Nu'bia and Shim'tar face the gorillas at the temple of the Rakshasas where, under the influence of the golden lasso, Lukk-Nutt reveals hidden truths about the history of Gorilla City. The ape culture had cobbled together an ancient history, borrowing pieces from humanity. The works of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, H.P. Lovecraft were some examples. It is Wonder Woman who surmises that like Solovar and Gorilla Grodd, the rest of Gorilla City possessed a kind of group "force of mind" which was focused by Abu-Gita's belief, enabling the gorillas to enter the Greek underworld. Abu-Gita can't accept this and vanishes in a burst of flames.