Unofficial Wonder Woman Vol. 2 Index

Wonder Woman Vol. 2 14


Cover Date: March 1988
Cover Price: $0.75


Cover Credits:
Art: George Pérez (signed)

Story: "For the Glory of Gaea" (22 Pages)


PlotGeorge Pérez
StoryLen Wein
PencilsGeorge Pérez
InksBruce D. Patterson
LetteringJohn Costanza
ColorsCarl Gafford
EditingKaren Berger

Feature Character(s):

Wonder Woman (last in Firestorm, the Nuclear Man #69; next in Wonder Woman Annual Vol. 2 #4)

Supporting Character(s):

Amazons of Themyscira:
Queen Hippolyta (next in issue #17)
Menalippe (in between issues #11 and #17)
Philippus (in between issues #11 and #17)
Euboea (last in issue #10; next in Wonder Woman Annual Vol. 2 #1)
Hellene (first appearance; next in issue #17)
Mnemosyne (in between issues #10 and #22)
other Amazons
Olympian Gods:
Zeus (next in issue #17)
Hera (next in issue #17)
Aphrodite (next in issue #17)
Artemis (last in Millennium #8; next in Wonder Woman Annual Vol. 2 #4)
Pallas Athena (last in Millennium #8; next in issue #17)
Hermes (next in issue #16)
Dionysus (in between issues #10 and #17)
Demeter (in between issues #10 and #21)
Heracles (joins the Olympian gods; next in issue #17)
Steve Trevor (last in issue #12)
Etta Candy (last in issue #12)
Myndi Mayer (last in issue #9)
"Skeeter LaRue" (Michael Boyd; first appearance; real name revealed in issue #20)
Julia Kapatelis (last in issue #9; next in Wonder Woman Annual Vol. 2 #4)
Vanessa Kapatelis (last in issue #9; next in Wonder Woman Annual Vol. 2 #4)


Diana returns to the caves beneath Paradise Island to look for her mother. The injured queen lies unconscious at the feet of the living Heracles, who bears the entire weight of Paradise Island on his shoulders. Zeus and the other Olympian gods appear to Heracles and Diana. The goddesses release her from the penance they commanded on the Amazons. Zeus releases Diana form further challenges. Diana carries Heracles to Paradise Island. Heracles humbles himself before the Amazons and asks for heir forgiveness. The women warriors gladly forgive him and welcome him as the first man to set foot on Paradise Island. The Amazons celebrate the end of their penance by burning some of their armor. Hippolyta and Heracles express a new born love for each other. Zeus welcomes his son to Olympus.
Steve Trevor and Etta Candy finally express their love for each other. Diana returns to Man's World as the Amazons debate among themselves the new course for their future.