Unofficial Wonder Woman Vol. 2 Index

Wonder Woman Vol. 2 19


Cover Date: August 1988
Cover Price: $0.75


Cover Credits:
Art: George Pérez (signed)

Story: "The Witch On The Island" (22 Pages)


PlotGeorge Pérez
StoryGreg Potter
PencilsGeorge Pérez
InksDick Giordano
LetteringJohn Costanza
ColorsCarl Gafford
EditingKaren Berger

Feature Character(s):

Wonder Woman

Supporting Character(s):

Olympian Gods:
Hermes (also in flashback, in which he appears chronologically following his appearance in the flashback in issue #132 where he split from his original self into two gods, Hermes and his Roman counterpart Mercury; next in the flashback in issue #45)
Zeus (in flashback following flashback in issue #132, where he split into two gods, Zeus and his Roman counterpart Jove; next in the flashback in issue #45)
Hades (in flashback following flashback in issue #132, where he split into two gods, Hades and his Roman counterpart Pluto; next in the flashback in issue #45)
Hera (in flashback following flashback in issue #132, where she split into two gods, Hera and her Roman counterparts Juno; next in the flashback in issue #45)
Julia Kapatelis
Vanessa Kapatelis
Antiope (in flashback following the first flashback in Wonder Woman Annual Vol. 2 #1 and preceding flashback in issue #33)
Theseus (last in issue #1; next in flashback in issue #33)
Myndi Mayer (last in flashback in issue #20; behind the scenes; dies)


Circe (next in issue #47)
Mikos (next in issue #41)
Ariadne (first appearance; in flashback preceding flashback in issue #33)
Hecate (as the crone, along with Demeter [the mother] and Artemis [the maiden], she completes the trinity of the moon goddesses; next in War of the Gods #4)
Cronus (last in flashback in New Titans #51; in flashback preceding issue #18)

Guest Appearance(s):

Darkseid (in flashback preceding New Gods Vol. 1 #7)

Other Character(s):

Katina Leikos (next in Wonder Woman Annual Vol. 2 #2)


Circe takes Wonder Woman captive on her island. She explains to the Princess that she made an exchange with the Goddess of Witchcraft, Hecate. She traded her soul for Hecate's to gain power, immortality and eternal beauty. The Goddess prophesied that Circe will be killed by a witch bearing the same name. Circe believes that Diana is that witch. She further explains to the Amazon how she manipulated Theseus' wife Ariadne, into killing Antiope after the Amazon Queen found happiness with her former tormentor, Theseus. On the island of Cephalonia, Julia Kapatelis translates the scroll stolen from Circe's island. In it she finds the secret of defeating Circe. Julia and the rebels use Diana's lasso to attack Circe's island. The lasso leads Julia to Diana where Circe is about to convert the princess back into clay. Julia scatters the potion. Diana stops her friend from killing Circe because she doesn't want to possess the soul of Hecate and its attendant evil power. Circe turns the tables and is about to kill Julia when she suddenly disappears. Unbeknown to Diana and Julia, Hermes acted to save the two women out of regret for not warning Diana about Circe. The rebels believe that Diana killed Circe.