Unofficial Wonder Woman Vol. 2 Index

Wonder Woman Vol. 2 21


Cover Date: October 1988
Cover Price: $0.75


Cover Credits:
Art: George Pérez (signed)

Story: "Cosmic Migration" (22 Pages)


PlotGeorge Pérez
StoryGreg Potter
PencilsGeorge Pérez
InksBob McLeod
LetteringJohn Costanza
ColorsCarl Gafford
EditingKaren Berger

Feature Character(s):

Wonder Woman

Supporting Character(s):

Amazons of Themyscira:
Queen Hippolyta
Penelope (first appearance; Menalippe's lover; next in issue #32)
other Amazons
Olympian Gods:
Zeus (next in War of the Gods #1)
Hera (next in War of the Gods #1)
Phoebus Apollo (next in War of the Gods #1)
Artemis (next in War of the Gods #1)
Pallas Athena (next in War of the Gods #1)
Poseidon (next in War of the Gods #1)
Hades (next in War of the Gods #1)
Heracles (next in War of the Gods #1)
Aphrodite (next in War of the Gods #3)
Hermes (last in issue #19)
Julia Kapatelis
Vanessa Kapatelis


Hard on the heels of Myndi Mayer's tragic death Diana receives an urgent summons from her mother. Upon returning to Themyscira Diana learns that her, her mother and the Oracle, Menalippe, have been granted an audience before the gods. The three Amazons find the home of the gods a desolate ruins. Zeus informs the Amazon Princess that the gods require Diana to help them destroy Olympus to create a new home for the gods. Hermes disagrees with his fellow deities' high handed mysteriousness. He forces Zeus to speak plainly about the reasons and risks of the gods' requests. He admits that it was he who rescued Diana from Circe. He claims that the gods are unworthy of the Amazons' worship. Diana agrees to help in spite of Hermes feelings. She deflects the great power of Olympus with her bracelets to the focal point provided by Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. The immense power destroys the holy mountain and transports the Amazons back to their home.