Unofficial Wonder Woman Vol. 2 Index

Wonder Woman Vol. 2 23


Cover Date: December 1988
Cover Price: $1.00


Cover Credits:
Art: George Pérez (signed)

Story: "A God Among Men" (22 Pages)


StoryGeorge Pérez
PencilsGeorge Pérez
InksWill Blyberg
LetteringJohn Costanza
ColorsCarl Gafford
EditingKaren Berger

Feature Character(s):

Wonder Woman (last in Wonder Woman Annual Vol. 2 #1/2)

Supporting Character(s):

Queen Hippolyta (last in Wonder Woman Annual Vol. 2 #1)
Julia Kapatelis (last in Wonder Woman Annual Vol. 2 #1)
Vanessa Kapatelis (last in Wonder Woman Annual Vol. 2 #1)


Phobos (last in issue #5)
Euryale (first appearance; one of the three Gorgons and the mythical sister of Medusa)
Ixion (first appearance; last in Sandman Special #1)

Guest Appearance(s):

Phoebe (next in New Titans #50)

Other Character(s):

Lucy Spears (next in issue #27)
Eileen Flowers (in between issues #17 and #27)
Horace Westlake
Johnny Meekins (next in issue #52)

Cameo Appearance(s):

Donna Troy (in a photograph)


Upon her return from Paradise Island Vanessa achieves instant celebrity status. her friend, Eileen, feels left out. Eileen learns that Lucy Spears didn't know Barry Locatelli was Vanessa's boyfriend. Wonder Woman addresses the United Nations General Assembly and receives mixed reactions. While answering questions from the media she is observed by an ancient Titan. She learns from a reporter that Hermes has come to Earth. In opposition to his fellow Olympians Hermes comes to Earth to give Humans tangible proof that the gods exist. Unfortunately, in his pride Hermes treats humans as lower beings with no respect for their dignity. He uses Diana's obligation to the gods to force her to be his emissary. Diana is torn between her faith in the gods and her love for humanity. She goes with Hermes even though she knows he is wrong. Hermes sends her to his temple to meditated. Alone the over proud Hermes is tricked into a trap set by Phobos and Euryale (Gorgon). He is drained of power and thrown to Ixion the Assassin.