Unofficial Wonder Woman Vol. 2 Index

Wonder Woman Vol. 2 52


Cover Date: March 1991
Cover Price: $1.00


Cover Credits:
Art: George Pérez (signed)

Story: "Shards" (22 Pages)


StoryGeorge Pérez
PencilsCynthia Martin
InksKevin Nowlan
LetteringJohn Costanza
ColorsTom Ziuko
Assistant editingTom Peyer
EditingKaren Berger

Feature Character(s):

Wonder Woman

Supporting Character(s):

Amazons of Themyscira:
Queen Hippolyta (in flashback in between issue #51 and #54)
Philippus (next in issue #54)
Pythia (next in issue #54)
Menalippe (in flashback in between issue #51 and #57)
Mnemosyne (in flashback in between issue #50 and #58)
Myrrha (last in issue #50)
Cydippe (last in issue #50)
other Amazons
Julia Kapatelis
Vanessa Kapatelis (in between issues #50 and #54)
Etta Candy (also in flashback in between issue #50 and main story; next in issue #58)
Steve Trevor (also in flashback in between issue #50 and main story; next in issue #57)
Eileen Flowers (also in flashback in between issue #46 and main story; next in issue #54)


Doctor Psycho (behind the scenes; next in issue #54)

Other Character(s):

Johnny Meekins (also in flashback in between issue #23 and main story)
Joanne Ridings (first appearance; a guest at Vanessa's birthday party)
other unnamed party guests
Frankie Flowers (first appearance; Eileen's toddler brother)


Cambridge, MA
Harvard University


This story begins five days before Vanessa's birthday, during mid-terms at Harvard.


The surprise birthday party Eileen planned for Vanessa is a disaster when Princess Diana doesn't show up on time. When Vanessa accuses her mother of lying Julia slaps her. When Diana finally shows up a very upset Eileen runs home. Diana visits her in her home. Eileen told Diana she was not invited to the party because she didn't want Wonder Woman stealing all the attention from Vanessa.
After Vanessa's psychiatrist tells Julia about her daughter's nightmares of all her loved ones coming late to her birthday party dead, she asks Diana to distance herself from Vanessa. Vanessa's troubles have their roots in her father dying on her fifth birthday. Diana and Hermes's presence in Steve Trevor's life have driven a stake between him and Etta Candy. Steve tells Diana that he has to stay away from her to get back control of his life. Finally, Diana's own mother, Queen Hippolyta, tells Diana that in order to increase the effectiveness of the Amazon's mission in Patriarch's world, she must distance herself from Diana. Feeling more alone than ever before, Diana returns home to Themyscira to cry herself to sleep in her own bed.