Unofficial Wonder Woman Vol. 2 Index

Wonder Woman Vol. 2 57


Cover Date: August 1991
Cover Price: $1.00


Cover Credits:
Art: George Peréz (signed)

Story: "The Fugitive Kind" (22 Pages)


StoryGeorge Pérez
PencilsJill Thompson
InksRomeo Tanghal
LetteringJohn Costanza
ColorsNansi Hoolahan
Associate editingTom Peyer
EditingKaren Berger

Feature Character(s):

Wonder Woman

Guest Star(s):

James Gordon (next in ???)

Supporting Character(s):

Amazons of Themyscira:
Euboea (next in War of the Gods #1)
Menalippe (last in issue #52; next in War of the Gods #1)
Hellene (deceased; next in issue #62)
Steve Trevor (last in issue #52)
Vanessa Kapatelis (next in issue #59)
Ed Indelicato
Captain Ablamsky (next in issue #60)


General Yedziniak

Guest Appearance(s):

Bruce Wayne
Alfred Pennyworth
Clark Kent
Lois Lane
Silver Swan (last in issue #44; next in flashback in issue #59)

Other Character(s):

Ronnie Sarasky (in between issues #49 and #61)
Dr. Steven Kiley (first name revealed in this story)
Police Commissioner Peter Donnelly (first appearance; Quincy Police Department)
Officer Walsh (first appearance; an officer of the Boston Police Department)
Captain Otto (first appearance; a police captain of the Quincy Police Department)
Armetta (first appearance; an officer of the Quincy Police Department)
Lt. Scaffidi (first appearance; an officer of the NYPD)
Brenda (first appearance; an officer of the NYPD)
Tom Walker (first appearance; a reporter)
Hector Ogawa (first appearance; a reporter for Channel Six)
Stoney (first appearance; a bartender)
Louise (first appearance; a barmaid)


Princess Diana tries to cooperate with the Gotham Police in the investigation of the hotel massacre committed by the Bana-Mighdall amazons. She goes to the hospital to view Hellene's body and the other Amazon. She doesn't recognize the Bana-Mighdall warrior, but she does recognize the Amazon's wounds as being inflicted by Cheetah. When reports of Pythia and Euboea shooting up a bar come in Commissioner Gordon sends officers out to capture them. Wonder Woman offers to help but Commissioner Gordon responds to her offer with handcuffs. Wonder Woman will not stand to be bound or imprisoned. She collects her lasso then frees Menalippe form custody. Next, she snatches Euboea and Pythia from the jaws of Gordon's manhunt. She takes them to Themyscira Island.
General Yedziniak coerces forces Steve Trevor to cooperate as he prepares to go to war against the Themyscirans.