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Created by Peter J. Tomasi; Fernando Pasarin

The New 52! Universe


Homeworld: Undisclosed
Gender: Male
Hair: None
First Appearance: Green Lantern Corps Vol. 3 #0 (November 2012)
Creators: Peter J. Tomasi; Fernando Pasarin


A formidable enemy, Xar claimed he killed for the entertainment of his homeworld. Years ago, he was responsible for the deaths of at least eight rookie and veteran Green Lanterns in their Sector 3599 training outpost. He was defeated by rookie Lantern Guy Gardner and imprisoned in a sciencell on Oa, swearing revenge against the Green Lantern from Earth.

A few years later, Xar was given the opportunity by none other than the Guardians of the Universe.


Xar possesses super-human strength and the ability to fire blue energy beams capable of slicing through flesh and bone. It has yet to be determined if these are natural abilities of if it comes from his armor has yet to be determined.


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