Created by John Broome and Gil Kane

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The Original Universe


Name: Xudar
Space Sector: 2813
Sun(s): one, yellow (unnamed)
Moon(s): two (names unknown)
Environment: Earthlike
Dominant Lifeform: Xudarians
Affiliations: Alien Alliance II
Points of Interest: Tomar-Re Plaza
Prominent Inhabitants: Tomar-Re; Tomar-Tu; Galte-Re; Romat-Ru; Zuraldo; Tomar-Dar
First Appearance: Green Lantern Vol. 2 #6 (May-June 1961): "The World of Living Phantoms!"
Creators: John Broome and Gil Kane


Located in space sector 2813, and mainly inhabited by a bird-like humanoid race, Xudar is the home planet of Green Lanterns Tomar-Re (one of the greatest in GL history) and Tomar-Tu.


A planet in the third quadrant of the Xeno Galaxy, Xudar is inhabited by a peaceful, advanced race dedicated to the arts and sciences. Thousands of years ago, they had been visited by explorers from Daxam.-Superman Annual #14

Decades ago, a young Xudarian scientist, Tomar-Re, was approached by the Guardians of the Universe to wield the power ring of the Green Lantern Corps. Tomar-Re went on to have a long and distinguished career as a Green Lantern. To better perform his duties, Tomar-Re developed the "Zathon Ray Communicator" which could warn of disasters on other worlds in his sector. Tomar-Re also kept a watchful eye for his neighboring Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814, Hal Jordan. He warned his fellow ring wielder of any perils, including a violent “cosmo-storm” that once struck Xudar. Green Lantern Vol. 2 #6, #19

The Xudarians have taken a benevolent interest in the cosmos around them and have yet to exhibit any imperialist tendencies. In the 1950s, a Xudarian expedition made its way to Earth, but was blasted out of the sky by the Weaponers of Qward. With few notable exceptions, Xudarians have not been seen much in the vicinity of Earth since then.

When Xudarian archeologists had discovered the ruins of an alien civilization on the barren world of Krastl they unwittingly brought back to Xudar a bizarre changeling created from the nuclear holocaust. The changeling's true form was unstable, and so it had to change shape every so often. It would blow itself apart and regroup itself into the form of its victim. The victim would then lapse into a coma. Lanterns Tomar-Re and Hal Jordan teamed up to defeat the Atomic Changeling and return it to Krastl.

Tomar-Re eventually retired from active duty with the Green Lantern Corps, joining the prestigious Honor Guard. Even then, he would still prove the faith his fellow ring wielders had in him, leading a contingent of the Corps against Krona and Nekron. Tomar-Re’s successor was Dalor of Timron. Dalor was mistakenly believed dead during the so-called Crisis on Infinite Earths, and Tomar-Re wielded the power ring for his last adventure. With the Central Power Battery offline, Tomar-Re brought a group Lanterns to Oa to assist the Guardians. Tomar-Re was later killed in the anti-matter universe by the Earth villain Goldface. TALES OF THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS # 1-3, Green Lantern Vol. 2 #155, #198

Following the Crisis, the Green Lantern Corps was disbanded, leaving the universe without its emerald protectors. The sole Guardian, Appa-Ali-Apsa had gone mad. As he had from many other worlds, Appa Ali Apsa tore a city from the surface of Xudar and transported it to Oa. There it would remain as part of a “mosaic world” to provide “company” for the mad Guardian. Though threatened with destruction should they assist the Green Lanterns of Earth, the Xudarians did not turn against the heroes. Even with their city under siege, the Xudarians came to the aid of a neighboring Earth community. One particular Xudarian, Tomar-Tu gained the notice of the Green Lanterns for his bravery. Tomar-Tu went on to become a Green Lantern in his own right, and it was later discovered his father was Green Lantern Tomar-Re. Green Lantern Vol. 3 #5, GREEN LANTERN: MOSAIC # 1-18

The legend of Tomar-Re still lives on. During his life he had told tales of the Green Lantern Corps to his young niece, Betah, on Xudar. One of the stories was of Zharan Pel, an ancient predecessor of Tomar-Re's in Space Sector 2813. After the Corps was destroyed by Parallax, Tomar-Tu was believed to be killed in action but had been captured by the Manhunters. The Xudarians never forgot the importance of the Green Lantern Corps. Tomar-Re, Tomar-Tu and John Stewart were honored for their service to Xudar. -Doomsday Annual #1, GREEN LANTERN 3rd series # 48-50, Darkstars #36

There is a story once told regarding a group of former Green Lanterns attempting to save the crew of the crashed ore freighter Signet Dawn. Ash and fellow former Green Lanterns Brik, M'hdahna, and Salakk along with the Xudarian Tomar-Dar teamed with Kyle Rayner to battle a hive of alien xenomorphs on the dead planet, and former Green Lantern, Mogo. Tomar-Dar was said to have been next in line to receive the power ring, but for the collapse of the Corps following the corruption of Hal Jordan by Parallax. Since it was heavily implied Ash, Brik, and Salakk died, the tale is generally discounted. GREEN LANTERN VS ALIENS # 2-4

When Sector 2813 lacked a Green Lantern to protect them, Xudar was attacked by star-spanning hellocausts. The results were catastrophic as Xudar was pushed back two millennia. Xudar was later visited by the Brotherhood of the Cold Flame, a group of former Green Lanterns out to destroy the legacy of Hal Jordan. So intent were they on striking against Hal Jordan, they squandered the offer assistance of Tom Kalmaku who had been entrusted with the sentient power of Jordan’s ring. - Green Lantern: Legacy: The Last Will & Testament of Hal Jordan

The Green Lantern Corps has returned, and a year later it was discovered Tomar-Tu survived. He is currently one of two Green Lanterns protecting Sector 2813. His partner, Dalor of Timron has been avoiding interaction with other Green Lanterns. It is not known if he visited Xudar during Tomar-Tu’s time in Manhunter captivity.

Unfortunately, not all on Xudar are of heroic stock. One of Xudar’s greatest criminals was Zuraldo, a villain so ruthless the Guardians of the Universe sentenced him to confinement on their prison planet. The criminal Romat-Ru committed unspeakable acts, sowing fear across Xudar. He was selected to join the Sinestro Corps. - Green Lantern Vol. 2 #56, Green Lantern/Sinestro Corps Secret Files #1

In two possible futures, the legacy of the Xudarian Green Lanterns lives on, for better and for worse. In a 30th century timeline, Xudar is believed to be part of the United Planets. The Green Lantern of Xudar is Galte-Re. In another timeline, the Green Lantern Corps had never been restored after the actions of Parallax. A Xudarian, Tomar-Ro, lead a villainous Green Lantern Corps of the 30th Century before their defeat by Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. - Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 2 # 295, GREEN LANTERN 3rd series # 98-99