The Original Universe


Status: Disbanded
Former Members:  RobinSuperboyImpulseArrowetteSecretWonder Girl IIEmpressRay IIRed Tornado II,
Base of Operation: Initially the Justice Cave, later an abandoned hotel
First Appearance: Young Justice: The Secret #1 (June 1998)


A group of young heroes who have yet to find their exact place in the heroic community. Initially formed by Impulse, Robin III and Superboy, the heroes based themselves in the Justice Cave and soon picked up a reluctant, and often very bemused mentor in the form of Red Tornado, who has grown to view the group with a mixture of amusement and fondness. Picking up some female members, Arrowette, Wonder Girl II and the Secret, the kids went on to have fun, fall out and battle assorted villains.

Some time after Arrowette gave up being a super-hero and after going on the run for a short while, they gained a new member in Empress and a random, extremely annoying hanger-on in L'il Lobo. And their headquarters, in an abandoned hotel, looked to be getting more and more crowded, with Snapper Carr and the Ray II getting in on the act. Although both Robin and Impulse left the group temporarily, they soon returned. They eventually disbanded shortly after an encounter with Darkseid that stripped Secret of her powers and stranded L'il Lobo in the future. A team-up with the Titans which resulted in the deaths of Omen and Troia ended both teams, though several members of Young Justice now form part of the newest Teen Titans group.


Member First Appearance Joined Status Note
Wonder Girl II        
Ray II        
Red Tornado II     Mentor  


Young Justice was founded by Superboy, Impulse, and Robin. All had been offered membership in the Teen Titans but refused for different personal reasons. They later, after coming together many times, decided to make an official team. One that Impulse inadvertently named Young Justice. The first time the three heroes teamed together it was to help the JLA and the Legion of Super-Heroes, who were stranded in the 20th century, defeating the sentient computer known as C.O.M.P.U.T.O. Not long afterwards the three heroes helped the universe-travelling hero Access beating the "Marvel Universe"'s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and saved the meta-human girl named Secret from certain death by an anti-meta arm of the U.S. government, Department of Extranormal Affairs. Right before forming as an official team, they became the JLA of Kidworld when a villain named Bedlam separated the Earth into two different worlds, one with grown-ups, one with kids. After defeating Bedlam, the trio was given the old JLA cave at Happy Harbor, Rhode Island, where they currently reside with their advisor, Red Tornado.

The team has recently come into contact with an old "Whiz Wagon" that they use as transportation and call the Super-Cycle. The newest members are their rescuee, Secret, Impulse's friend, Arrowette, and one of the few teens on Superboy's power level, Wonder Girl. Over time the team have come together and started bonding on a personal level. Superboy has a crush on Arrowette, which Arrowette seems to enjoy, while Wonder Girl's unrequited love for Superboy has yet to be noticed by the Teen of Steel.



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