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 Unofficial Batman/Superman: World's Finest Index

Batman/Superman: World's Finest 6 (Cover A)


Cover Date: October 2022
Cover Price: $3.99
Publication Date: 2022-08-16


Cover Credits:
Art: Dan Mora (signed)

Variant Covers:
Cover B
Art: Terry Dodson (signed)
Colors: Rachel Dodson (signed)
Cover C
(1:25 Variant)
Art: Trevor Hairsine
Colors: Arif Prianto
Cover D
(1:50 Variant)
Art: Nick Bradshaw (signed)
Colors: Brad Anderson
Cover E
(Swimsuit Variant)
Art: Rafa Sandoval (signed)
Colors: Matt Herms (signed)

Story: "The Flying Grayson" (24 Pages)


StoryMark Waid
ArtTravis Moore
LetteringAditya Bidikar
ColorsTamra Bonvillain
Associate editingDave Wielgosz
EditingPaul Kaminski

Feature Character(s):

Batman (Bruce Wayne; also in flashback in between issue #5 and main story)
Superman (Clark Kent; also in flashback in between issue #5 and main story and in flashback to childhood)

Supporting Character(s):

Robin (Dick Grayson; last in issue #4)
Supergirl (in flashback in between issue #5 and ???)


Cesar (first appearance; a lion tamer; also in flashback)
Charlie Boyce (first appearance; a bank robber; also in flashback)
Jimmy Beck (first appearance; a bank robber; in flashback)
Kenny O'Leary (first appearance; a bank robber; dies in flashback)

Guest Appearance(s):

Doom Patrol
Elasti-Girl (in flashback in between issue #5 and ???)
Negative Man (in flashback in between issue #5 and ???)
Robotman (in flashback in between issue #5 and ???)

Other Character(s):

Statford's World-Famous American Circus
Cookpot Hetty (first appearance)
Hector (first appearance; a juggler)
Rita (first appearance; a fire-eater)
Pagliacci (first appearance; a clown)
The Rudolphos (first appearance; two tattooed men)
Simba (first appearance; a lion)


Corto Maltese
Lazarus Island
Tomb of Nezha


Story continues from the previous issue


THE FLYING GRAYSON FLIES THROUGH TIME! The Dark Knight and the Man of Steel might have been victorious in their battle against the dreaded Devil Nezha (but were they, though? More on that to come, kids...) but there's one thing they forgot in all the madness...Dick! Robin the Boy Wonder is lost in time like some kind of chrono-Home Alone...and to find him, Batman and Superman will need to get creative!