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Created by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani

The Original Universe


Real Name: Gar Logan
Full Name: Garfield Mark "Gar" Logan
Aliases: Changeling II
Occupation: Actor and Adventurer
Homeworld: Earth
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mark Logan (father; deceased), Marie Logan (mother; deceased), Steve Dayton (adopted father), Rita Farr (adopted mother), Matt Logan (cousin)
Group Affiliation(s): Titans
Group Affiliation (former): Teen Titans, Doom Patrol, Titans LA
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Green
Distinguishing Features: Green skin
First Appearance: Doom Patrol #99/2 (November 1965): "The Beast Boy"
Creators: Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani


The son of two geneticists, Garfield contracted the exotic disease Sakutia from one of their animal test subjects. His parents attempted a cure, and saved their son's life, but his skin and hair pigmentation was changed to a bright green hue, and he could now take on the form (somehow including mass and weight, and sometimes the esoteric abilities) of any animal.

When his parents were killed he lived with a variety of different people before being adopted by Elasti-Woman (Rita Farr) and Mento (Steve Dayton) of the Doom Patrol. Garfield (or Gar) became a part-time member of the Patrol using the name of Beast Boy. After the Patrol were seemingly killed, Gar became the star of the sci-fi TV show Space Trek 2022 for a time. He also joined the short-lived first incarnation of the Titans West.

He then renamed himself Changeling and joined the Teen Titans, when the team was revived by Raven in an attempt to stop Trigon from invading Earth. The Teen Titans became the Changeling's close friends, but right from the start he took on the role of the annoying little brother, or the class clown. Revealing his insecurities to another misfit of the team, Gar grew especially close to Cyborg (Victor Stone) over the years. The Changeling also developed romantic feelings for fellow female Titan Terra, and was devastated by the discovery that she was a traitor working for Deathstroke the Terminator, and her subsequent death.

Another blow was the discovery that his stepfather Mento (Steve Dayton) had gone mad and repeatedly tried to kill the Titans. Recovering from his madness, Dayton vowed to repair their father-son relationship and forbade Gar from taking part in any of the Titans adventures until his grades had improved. For a few years, their relationship blossomed, until it was revealed that Dayton, under the alias Crimelord, was once again the mastermind behind the mysterious Wildebeest Society that had been trying to kill the Titans. The Crimelord eventually merged with his computer system and his intellect was finally dispersed in cyberspace.

Gar maintained links with the Titans over the years, and eventually joined his old friend Vic Stone, temporarily known as Cyberion, on a journey to the stars. Eventually, Changeling returned to Earth. Cyberion followed, intent on turning Earth's moon into a new version of the planet Technis. He was stopped by the combined forces of the Titans and the Justice League America, and Victor's mind was transferred into a new body. Gar elected not to stay with the reformed Titans and made his way to Hollywood, where he once again assumed the name Beast Boy.

Sharing an apartment with his cousin Matt and the heroine Flamebird, he was buiiled into starting a new short-lived group of Titans called the Titans L.A. Following the death of Donna Troy, Beast Boy helped set up the newest group of Teen Titans in San Francisco, and mentor some of the youngest members of the heroic community together with his friends Cyborg and Starfire. He also started a romantic relationship with fellow team member Raven.

After the so called "Infinite Crisis", Gar rejoined the reborn Doom Patrol for a short time, before once again hooking up with a revived band of older Titans.


Beast Boy has the ability to physically turn into any animal he can think of, including prehistoric creatures and animals from alien worlds. As he transforms into a green version of the animal, he also gains the size and mass of the animal in question, although the bigger the animal, the more stressful for his body. Beast Boy also gains the powers, reflexes and abilities of the animal in question.

Lately, Beast Boy has grown slightly more feral in his human form, his ears growing pointy and with larger canine teeth.


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