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The DC Character Chronologies is an effort to catalog every actual appearance by every character and team in the DC Universe, and place them in their proper chronological order. Or in the case of crossover events all crossover issues.

At present the chronologies are divided into two sub-categories, aside from being listed in the main category. The Original DC Universe which covers characters published from the 1937 to 2011, and the New 52 DC Universe which covers the new reality that came in the wake of the event known as Flashpoint. At present the Original DC Universe era covers both the pre- and post-Crisis on Infinite Earths DC Universe. The characters whose histories changed dramatically with the original Crisis will have individual profiles.

The Chronology entries are listed in alphabetical order after character name followed by their real name. Generally the most common version of their names is used (i.e. Dick Grayson rather than Richard John Grayson) in the listing. Regular names are listed first name first, surname second.

Characters who are primarily known by a single name and a title, such as Mister Bones and Queen Hippolyta, are listed under the first letter of their titles (M for Mister, etc.).

Gods and characters that do not have a known secret identity but belong to a group might have the group name noted in brackets after the character name to distinguish the character from other similar named characters.

In some cases the entries will also have a comic age/timeline/Earth indication.

For more information on the workings of the DC Character Chronologies check out the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), which goes into more detail about how the project works, what qualifies as an "appearance," and why there are still some gaps in the project among other things.

Covers characters published from 1937-present.

Chronologies (New 52 Universe / Multiverse)
Covers characters published from 2011-present.
Chronologies (New 52 Universe)

Chronologies (Original Universe / Multiverse)
Covers characters published from 1937-2011.
Chronologies (Original Universe)