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Created by Dan Vado and Marc Campos

The Original Universe


Status: Disbanded
Former Members:  Captain AtomAmazing-Man IIBlue Beetle IIBooster GoldFirestorm IIMaxima,
First Appearance: Extreme Justice #0 (January 1995): "With a Bang"
Creators: Dan Vado and Marc Campos


Member First Appearance Joined Status Note
Captain Atom Space Adventures #33 Extreme Justice #0 Active  
Amazing-Man II Justice League America #86 Extreme Justice #0 Deceased Killed after team disbanded
Blue Beetle II Captain Atom Vol. 1 #83 Extreme Justice #0 Deceased Killed after team disbanded
Booster Gold Booster Gold #1 Extreme Justice #0 Active  
Firestorm II Firestorm #1 Extreme Justice #0 Active This Firestorm is Ron Raymond only
Maxima Action Comics #645 Extreme Justice #0 Deceased Killed after team disbanded


A name sometimes applied to a branch of the Justice League led by Captain Atom after the team lost its connection with the U.N., this group of heroes hit villains hard and fast. Members of the group were Maxima, Blue Beetle II, Booster Gold, Amazing Man II and Firestorm II (Zan and Jayna were also arguably a part of the group). They were eventually asked to stop operating after a disastrous mission in Bialya.


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