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 Unofficial Justice League Europe Index

Justice League Europe 48


Cover Date: March 1993
Cover Price: $1.25


Cover Credits:
Pencils: Ron Randall (signed)
Inks: Randy Elliott (signed)

Story: "Red Winter 4: The Freeze" (22 Pages)


StoryGerard Jones
PencilsRon Randall, Mike Parobeck
InksRandy Elliott
LetteringWillie Schubert
ColorsGene D'Angelo
EditingBrian Augustyn

Feature Character(s):

Justice League Europe:
Flash III
Elongated Man
Crimson Fox
Doctor Light IV
General Glory I (reservist)
Huntress II (reservist)
Black Canary II (reservist)
Mister Miracle II (reservist)
Tasmanian Devil (reservist)
Blue Jay (reservist)
Metamorpho (reservist)

Guest Star(s):

Justice Society of America:
Flash I
Green Lantern (Alan Scott)
Wildcat II
Atom I
Doctor Mid-Nite I

Supporting Character(s):

Duke Donald


Sonar (also in flashbacks to his childhood)
Rocket Red Brigade (mind-controlled by Sonar)
Rocket Red (mind-controlled by Sonar)
Paul Gambi (revealed to be Sonar's spy)

Other Character(s):

Fando the Mad (first appearance; the ruler of Modora before Sonar)
Chandi Gupta
Citizens of Modora


Story continued from the previous issue and continues in the next issue.


Sonar has brought in doctors to heal Elongated Man (having, of course, caused his injury in the first place), and is trying to seduce the hero's wife Sue by telling her of his tragic childhood. Meanwehile, the Reserves and the JSA come under attack once more, from the Rocket Reds and Flash. They hold their own until Sonar arives on the scene and almost all of them are captured. However, the older Flash is able to break the hold that Sonar has on the younger hero. Meanwhile, in London, Chandi Gupta seeks refuge from her relatives, choosing the Justice League's castle as her sanctuary. Here she encounters tailor Paul Gambi, who has been working for Sonar, plus a haunted suit of armour that introduces itself as Duke Donald of Barksdale. The tailor and Chandi are felled by a sonic attack and then Flash staggers in, asking the Duke to summon Justice League America.