The Original Universe


Official Name: Poseidonis
Location: Atlantis
Founder: Orin
First Appearance: (as Atlantis): Adventure Comics #260 (May 1959)
(distinguished as Poseidonis): Super Friends #8 (November 1977)


One of the two domed cities of the sunken continent Atlantis. Eons ago, the Atlantean people were split in two factions. One resided in the city of Poseidonis and was ruled by Orin, the other in Tritonis, comprised of the followers of Orin's brother Shalako. Poseidonis survived the first legendary sinking of Atlantis, only to submerge later when hit by a meteor. The dome protected the inhabitants, who eventually adapted to life underwater.

Both Tritonis and Poseidonis have endured to this day. Until recently, Poseidonis was a separate kingdom, but in later years Atlantis has become one nation consisting of many confederate states. Among the most well-known inhabitants of Poseidonis are Aquaman (King of Atlantis currently in exile), Vulko (former King of Poseidonis), Tempest II, and Cerdian, as well as immigrants Mera and Dolphin.


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