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Robin Vol. 2 45

ROBIN VOL. 2 #45

Cover Date: September 1997
Cover Price: $1.95


Cover Credits:
Art: Jason Pearson (signed)
Colors: Tasty Fried Color
Color Separations: Tasty Fried Color

Story: "Grounded!" (22 Pages)


StoryChuck Dixon
PencilsStaz Johnson
InksBob Smith
LetteringTim Harkins
ColorsAdrienne Roy
Associate editingJordan B. Gorfinkel
EditingDennis O'Neil

Feature Character(s):

Robin III

Supporting Character(s):

Stephanie Brown (next in Robin/Argent Double-Shot #1)
Jack Drake (next in issue #47)
Mrs. McIlvaine (next in issue #47)
Dana Winters (in between issues #29 and #47)
Crystal Brown (in between issues #43 and #54)
Alfred Pennyworth (last/next in ???)
Harold Allnut (last in Azrael #22; next in Detective Comics #720)
James Gordon (last/next in ???)
Harvey Bullock (last/next in ???)
Renée Montoya (last/next in ???)
Hendricks (last/next in ???)


Lester 'Labor' Paine (first appearance; a bank robber)
General (next in issue #47)

Guest Appearance(s):

Batman (last in Anarky #4; next in Batman: Shadow of the Bat #65)
Huntress II (last in Robin Annual Vol. 2 #6; next in Genesis #1)

Other Character(s):

Ali Ben Khadir (next in issue #47)
Yusef (next in issue #47)
Tara Schoenstein (first appearance; a reporter for five live)