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 MERLIN I (Myrddin Ambrosius)BIOGRAPHY

The Original Universe


Real Name: Myrddin Ambrosius
Aliases: Merlinus
Identity: Public (but believed to be a fictional character)
Citizenship: British
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Belial (father); Etrigan (half-brother)
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Formerly brown; now White/Silver
First Appearance: (DC Comics): New Comics #3 (February 1936)


This legendary medeival mage is the son of Belial and a mortal woman and is therefore half-demon in nature. Apparently, because of various kinds of magic, many different aspects/variants of the supreme sorcerer have walked the Earth, some of them good, some of them evil, some of them in-between, some younger, some older. Among the extraordinary beings that he (or some version of him) has encountered are Etrigan, King Arthur, Silent Knight, Shining Knight, Swamp Thing, Superman, Wonder Woman, John Constantine, Phantom Stranger, Tim Hunter, and Hitman. Recently, it has been revealed that Tim Hunter is his son (in spirit, that is) and successor.


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