The Original Universe


Real Name: Mark Merlin
Aliases: Mind Master
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: "The Mighty Merlin" (uncle, deceased)
Base of Operation: Mystery Hill, Cloister, VT and mobile
Gender: Male
Height: (as Merlin): 5'10" (as Ra-Man): 6'0"
Weight: (as Merlin): 157 lbs. (as Ra-Man): 178 lbs.
Eyes: (as Merlin): Blue (as Ra-Man): Blue
Hair: (as Merlin): Brown (as Ra-Man): Black with white streak
First Appearance: (as Mark Merlin): House of Secrets #23 (August 1959)
(as Prince Ra-Man): House of Secrets #73 (July-August 1965)


Although Prince Ra-Man was created from the body and mind of Mark Merlin, the two of them were actually different beings. Mark had been a famed "occult detective" in the town of Cloister for years when one of his old foes, the Gargoyle, kidnapped his fiancé Elsa Magnusson and apparently de-materialized Mark. In fact, Mark had been transported to the subatomic world called Ra, where a native scientist named Kranak explained that this new world rendered Mark immortal, but incapable of leaving without losing body and soul. However, with Kranak's help, Mark was transformed into a being modeled after a legendary ruler of ancient Egypt. Mark Merlin was now dead, but in his place stood Prince Ra-Man, a powerful entity that was able to return to Earth and rescue Elsa.

Prince Ra-Man had a long career as a supernatural hero, fighting threats such as Helio the Sun-Demon and Eclipso. He also revisited the world of Ra on two occasions. For a time, he was mystically stuck in the body of the cat Memkata, but returned in recent years. Shortly thereafter, Ra-Man sacrificed his life in battle against the Anti-Monitor's Shadow Creatures during the Crisis.

Following the death of Prince Ra-Man, his Mark Merlin persona was apparently returned to life. An aged and somewhat bitter Merlin was recently seen in a home for old people in Gotham City, taking on an assignment from the Penguin to communicate with the dead.


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